HHTtv Introduction:

HHTtv.net – A Web Tvwhich focuses on objectivity based programs. We have seriously gone off the programs which fan the hatred, spread anarchy, and become the cause of chaos. It’s time to move on by practicing sensible journalism, and not swindling the viewers in the name of entertainment which leads to any time passing activity. Our Web Tv will primarily focus on some social issues which prevail in our society, mainly we will be addressing unemployment, poverty & illiteracy through our programs, which also comes in the objective of Helping Hands Trust.

Mission of HHTtv.net

  • To voice the viewers in eradicating unemployment, poverty, illiteracy, frustration especially in youth, day to day social problems, and to empower people with educational tools through our different programs for making their lives better. We also aim to promote the healthy activities practiced by different organizations for social development. 

Vision of HHTtv.net

  • Our vision is of a platform where every person – regardless of race, religion, ethnicity, or gender identity – access to the employment and educational opportunities through our life changing and personality grooming programs.